When I travel, I’m usually on my way to someplace specific. This trip to Baja has no final destination. From the outset, we’ve been on the move, and not one night have I slept in the same place.

There’s an excitement and sense of adventure that comes from sleeping in a different location every night–arriving under the cover of darkness, then waking up to a new environment. Late last night, we arrived at Jenny’s in San Felipe on the Sea of Cortez. I could hear the sea. I could smell it. It was too dark to see.

I woke up after a few hours, the day was dawning, and I remembered where we were. Without glancing in a mirror or bothering with shoes, I ran toward the water and was rewarded with a solitary sunrise on an untouched beach. I started my day with the sun, stretching, meditating, preparing for another trek across the dusty desert. One by one, my travel companions emerged from their vans and huts, doing the same. There was an unspoken understanding to meet on the beach, sip coffee, and enjoy the moment together.

For me, the sea can be intimidating and impose feelings of insignificance—in a good way. For others, maybe the forest or desert does the same. But these are all places we go out of the way to experience. Being nomadic in a van, even for just a few days, affords the opportunity to wake up in these new and seemingly otherwise unreachable places. It opens doors to the wonders of our world, to what those wonders teach us about ourselves. And when it’s with friends who value the same experiences—even better.

For the love of vans, Trevor (Flarespace) 

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