As we march towards the end of the first quarter of 2021 we can look back at where we have been, while simultaneously peering over the horizon to see where we are going in the future.  We have gone from a small start-up adventure van manufacturer to the fastest-growing RV manufacturer in America.  We are known throughout the industry now as producing the highest quality RV on the road.  We back this up with customer service second to none.  Folks know when they choose to become a Storyteller know they are joining a group of individuals that believe there are manufacturers still out there building quality products.  

One of the things that make us so very unique here at STO is the care our production line team takes in overcoming any obstacle and never taking no for an answer.  Our Storytellers out in the field can tell that each one of our vans has been built by folks who are putting their mind, body, and soul into each one of these units.  Combining this with a procurement department that is like bulldogs when it comes to ordering parts, a cutting edge Engineering and R&D team consistently pushing the boundaries of the norm, an administrative group that actually cares about us as individuals, an absolute rockstar operations department, and a CEO who allows us to flourish…  you end up with a product that has been ordered for three years straight and has already retail sold almost two months of 2022 Sprinter production.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” – Henry Ford  

As long as we continue to concentrate on “being where our feet are,” we should continue this rise through the RV industry.  Let us continue to hold each other to a high standard, a standard most folks will never entertain the thought of reaching.  It takes all of us to help one of us, and it is going to take everyone working together as a true team with honest communication, transparent processes, and holding each other accountable to reach the top of this Mt. Everest we are climbing.