Greetings Fellow Storytellers!

“We never know how high we are, till we are called to rise…” – Emily Dickinson

It’s crazy to reflect back on how far we have all come together in such a short period of time. After all, it was less than 2 ½ years ago that we were just 7 people huddled up in an unassuming, empty warehouse in downtown Birmingham audaciously dreaming up ways to revolutionize the RV and outdoor lifestyle industries. And now, fast forward to March of 2021, and here we are with a game-changing MODElife adventure van product range, a nationally recognized lifestyle brand, a coast to the coast dealer network, strategic partnerships with an elite roster of tech, vendor, & marketing partners, and best of all an all-star team of colleagues and co-workers that is already approaching 60+ strong and growing.

During this time we have helped one another through a host of personal and professional triumphs and challenges… not the least of which was the weirdness that accompanied a full-on global pandemic and coronavirus outbreak in 2020. But come what may, we – as individuals as well as our business and brand – have stayed true and rallied together to thrive right on through it all. For this, I owe a debt of gratitude to each and every one of you!

The unified team culture and atmosphere we have all built together here at Storyteller is one of the greatest things I have ever been blessed to get to be a part of, and I sincerely hope the same is true for you all as well. So thank you for who you are and for all you do, day in and day out, to make the vision and values of Storyteller Overland a reality for each other here at our Intergalactic Headquarters, and for our customers and raving fans around the country… and eventually the world.

With all that said, you may be asking yourself what this new email newsletter is all about? That’s fair enough. Our thinking right now is that each month we will be circulating this company-wide newsletter to highlight the collective achievement of what we are producing together month over month, as well as to share details and information for some forward-looking planning for the weeks and months ahead.

Our goal will not only be to “review the numbers”, but also to share stories and put a spotlight on some of the exceptional achievements of our fellow team members here at work as well as the impact that many of you are making throughout the community in your own personal lives. We are blessed to be surrounded by an immensely talented and infinitely capable crew around here on a daily basis. We want to constantly celebrate that fact, and at all costs avoid ever getting to the place where we begin to take one another for granted.

So while the exact content of these newsletters may change a little bit from month to month, the hope is to continually provide one another with an awareness of opportunities for growth and advancement within the company along with tips, tricks, and resources for how we can continue to grow and improve together both personally and professionally. We’ve already built something really special together… and our hope is that the information we share here will be to help us continue to emerge as the most RESPECTED, RELIABLE, RELATIONAL, and REVOLUTIONARY brand in the industries and communities we serve.

Thank you all once again for who you are and what you do to make Storyteller great!

We’ve only just begun. So Cheers to the Road Ahead…!