We’re All About Great People And Good Vibes!

The way we see it, it’s not about the journey or the destination… it’s the people you connect with all along the way that matter most! So connect with us on social and share your stories. We can’t wait to hear about your next grand adventure!


Storyteller Overland In Video

Adventures, walk throughs, and community. All that’s been going on…

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Mode Life 00:45

Storyteller Overland is a Community first and a Van builder second. We create high end MODE 4×4 vehicles that can tackle any weekend or lifelong adventure. This is our community.
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The All-New Beast MODE 4×4 00:59

If rugged individualism and pure joy were ever combined in equal measure and expressed to the universe in the form of a vehicle, then that vehicle would be the all new, infinitely capable Beast MODE Adventure Van from the good folks over at Storyteller Overland.
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The All-New Stealth MODE 4×4 00:16

The New Stealth MODE 4×4 is one of our new 2021 trim packages. This body is built for incognito Van Life or weekend trip with a sneak black look.


ADVENTURE VAN EXPO  |  July 10-12  |  Missoula, MO

ADVENTURE VAN EXPO  July 25-26  |  Grand Targhee, ID

ADVENTURE VAN EXPO  August 22-23  |  Dillon, CO

ADVENTURE VAN EXPO  |  September 5-6  |  Lake Tahoe, CA

ADVENTURE VAN EXPO  |  Oct 10-11  | St Helens, OR

ADVENTURE VAN EXPO  Oct 18-19   |  Big Bear Lake, CA