We’re All About Great People And Good Vibes!

The way we see it, it’s not about the journey or the destination… it’s the people you connect with all along the way that matter most! So connect with us on social and share your stories. We can’t wait to hear about your next grand adventure!


In The Beginning…

Before there was a game-changing van design… Before there was an intergalactic headquarters… Before there was a nationwide dealer network… There was a group of people who believed that adventure should belong to everybody. And to this day those people and our shared values are still what makes up the real magic of Storyteller Overland.

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of…


Somewhere in the space between “Once Upon a Time…” and “Happily Ever After…” lies the heart of every truly great story (at least the ones that are actually worth telling). That thread of suspense that runs between where you began and where you might find yourself. It’s the feeling of being inspired by wonder while teetering on the edge of who you are and what you might become. That’s where the action is. That’s the real adventure. And that ladies and gentlemen is where we come in.

Storyteller Overland was born out of that spirit for grand adventure and we’re passionately equipping those who are pursuing meaningful experiences and living a life of discovery out on the open road and beyond. You’re Forever chasing the sunset across the horizon, and celebrating the moments when familiarity fades away and you find yourself leaning into a brand new frontier to…


The Heartbeat…


Along that journey, largely out of necessity, the Storyteller Overland tribe has learned quite a few things about designing, upfitting, and kitting world class overland and vanlife vehicles. And we are now fully committed to equipping fellow explorers, adventurers, overlanders, roadtrippers, daydreamers, and outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts alike with access to great gear, helpful resources, and a growing community of stellar people to…


The Bit Of Magic…


“Great minds think alike”… “Birds of a feather flock together”… “Takes one to know one”… call it what you will, but having come from all backgrounds and walks of life our Storyteller tribe has been drawn together by the gravity of a shared passion for the fine art of getting  from here to there. We are custom car guys and gals. We are artists and artisans, experienced designers and engineers, craftsmen and makers, outdoor adventurers and daydreamers, poets and troubadours, spontaneous roadtrippers and committed weekend warriors, passionate innovators and driven business people… but through it all we are unified for the common cause of doing “life” together and equipping others with gear, info, and resources to… you guessed it…



Trips, events, and thoughts on our community….

Storyteller Overland In Video

Adventures, walk throughs, and community.

Our Community's Channels

Chad and Paul

In this episode we shakedown our new home: The Storyteller Overland MODE 4×4 Sprinter Van. We finally move into the van, and take you with us on our first day of full-time vanlife in our new campervan.

We’re the Russos

In this episode of Summer with Mom, we finally take the camper van to South Dakota so mom can travel the badlands, see the black hills, visit Crazy Horse, see the presidents at Mount Rushmore and grab a coffee and donut at Wall Drug.

Canyon Adventure Vans

How we take a Storyteller Overland Beast Mode and turn the inside into a more elegant and functional space.

MODE Life Resources

The Adventure Bound podcast is one of our favorites to learn about cool people, places, and things that Vanlifers are doing around the world. 
If you are looking for epic places or campsites the Vanlife App can help you find places to stay in your MODE.
Wanna try before you buy? Find Storytellers and other unique builds at Go Camp Adventure Rentals website!

TAMPA RV SUPER SHOW |  Jan 19-23  |  Tampa, FL

ARKANSAS RV SHOW  |  Feb 11-13  |  Little Rock, AR

CALIFORNIA POWER SPORTS EXPO  |  March 26-27  |  Pomona, CA

ADVENTURE VAN EXPO  |  April 9-10  |  Austin, TX

MOORE EXPO  |  April 8-10  |  Springfield, MO

FLARESPACE BACK TO BAJA  |  April 21-24  |  Baja California, Mexico

ADVENTURE VAN EXPO  |  April 29 – May 1  San Juan Capistrano, CA

OVERLAND EXPO WEST  |  May 20-22  | Flagstaff, AZ

ADVENTURE VAN EXPO  |  June 3-5   |  Placerville, CA

UNBOUND GRAVEL  |  June 3-4  |  Emporia, KS

ADVENTURE VAN EXPO  |  June 24-25  |  Hood River, OR

OVERLAND EXPO PNW  |  July 8-10  | Redmond, OR

OPEN ROADS FESTIVAL  |  July 15-18  |  McCall, ID

ADVENTURE VAN EXPO  |  July 16-17  |  Eagle, CO

LEADVILLE MTB  |  Aug 12  |  Leadville, CO

OVERLAND EXPO MTN WEST  |  Aug 26-28  |  Loveland, CO

ADVENTURE VAN EXPO  |  Sept 3-4  |  Bend, OR

REVEL-MODE VAN RALLY  |  Sep 29  |  Moab, UT | Registration

ADVENTURE VAN EXPO  |  Oct 1-2  |  Chattanooga, TN

OVERLAND EXPO EAST  |  Oct 7-9  |  Arrington, VA

BIG SUGAR GRAVEL RACE  |  Oct 21-22  |  Bentonville, AR